A Letter To My Uncle In Heaven

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You passed away yesterday, “Friday the 22nd of November,” You were an amazing human being. Generous, loving, forgiving and always optimistic.

You genuinely were one of the best people I have ever known. It was one of the saddest days in my life to find out that you were gone forever. Truly knowing you, I can honestly say it came as a complete surprise not just to me but also to everyone else around you.

You were a complete trooper and a truly magnificent individual, you lived your life with dignity and grace, everyone who knew you is a true testament of that. It won’t be an understatement if I tell you I want to break down and cry. But because of you, I will be tough and I will carry on. I know you would want us all to be strong, to make the most of life and to be the best human beings that we can possibly be, sadness was just not a part of your vocabulary. 

You are survived by your wife, son and daughter, I am pretty certain you are smiling from above as now you are somewhere where there’s only light.

I know for a fact that you want us all to be happy, healthy, successful and enjoy every moment of this thing called Life (for which I can tell you frankly you led a remarkable one despite the hardships that were thrown your way).

Today my mother (your sister) sent me a photo showing you holding me when I was 2, although I didn’t particularly remember that time (due to my age) however, I thought of countless other memories we shared, I remember how we’d all go on holidays together and you were always there to look after us all. 

Uncle T, this is not a farewell, but until we meet again.

We all love you very much and you will forever stay in our hearts and minds, I cannot promise we will ever stop grieving our loss of losing you, but I promise we will try to get used to living with our grief in your absence, sending good vibes your way. Much love, your nephew, Sully.



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Written by sully

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