A Survival Guide After A Breakup

You can do it and come out as a strong survivor

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That sucks! But hey, we aren’t going to smack you throughout this information with sad and bad news, we’ve got the good news too and that is “I promise you the mental and emotional pain you are feeling right now will start to ease after you are done reading this.” so hang tight.

You are going through a breakup and a very tough one indeed, the one that ripped your heart out and hurting like hell, it’s you, only you who can feel the pain you are in right now, we agree because you are right!

A Survival Guide After A Breakup

No one except you understands and gets it like you do because after all, it’s you who’ve lost it all.

Indeed, of the whole humankind, there isn’t one soul out there who’s remotely familiar with the level of wretched misery you’re going through.

Obviously a serious breakup where love was present but only on your side of the relationship, you wouldn’t be breaking up otherwise, getting over such breakup is never going to be a walk in the park, regardless of what remedy you seek for.

However, with the right knowledge and support at your disposal, you can minimise the pain and get yourself back on the road to recovery. This is coming from someone highly experienced who went through it all and that time it seemed as if it was the end of the world, his world, and that someone is none other than me!

The truth is, the only way to get through a breakup is to make a mental map that you need sticking to and then go straight through the middle, I don’t care what others say I am offering you help based on my personal experience so let’s get to that.


If you think this one is obvious you are dead wrong, you; as a matter of fact people, in general, make decisions that are rather impulsive and fast when they are not their normal self.

So if you are thinking of getting some ink on you, although in that moment it may feel like the right choice to make by getting “Let it be” or “When you left me behind you set me free” tattooed but do you really need those sort of reminders for the rest of your life to have them permanently embedded into your skin?

You are clearly not in the right mindset to be making life-lasting decisions, it might all work out for you in the end t “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that’s alright, because…” No, it’s not alright!  


All done with this, so let’s move to the next one. Wait! Have you removed your ex and your ex’s friends? Seriously, if you haven’t, do it now before getting to the next point.


Now, we are all guilty of this one and that’s how I know how much this one sucks and sends you on a downward spiral, I wish I had known better, but you do because I am telling you when your feelings are raw and you are healing the last thing you want right now is to grab a knife and carve your fresh wound all over again, no that shouldn’t even be the last thing on your mind, my apologies.

Warning: You will be tempted as you are going through a recovery process, especially if you hear the news that they have a new boyfriend/girlfriend or they are seeing someone so on and so, that’s one of the reasons I asked you to block your ex’s friends so there won’t be any gossip coming along your way, your own friends would know better not to talk about your ex (if they are your true and drama-free friends)

Getting to know about your ex’s life will encourage you to stalk and if you do so you can just rip your heart from your chest and put it on the ground then pretend as if it’s your tiny little bouncy castle, it will hurt relatively less.

So no creepy stalking behaviour, okay? Got it? Move onto the next point.


It wouldn’t be fair to assume that everyone uses drugs and alcohol, so if you are one of those who don’t, I’d say well done, you’re doing yourself and everyone else around you a massive favor by staying away from alcohol and drugs, oh you can go ahead and skip onto the next point.

Now, “if you’re an ex-addict recovering from either drugs or/and alcohol you are at the higher risk of relapsing” and you certainly don’t want to invite more problems into your life right now while recovering and healing from your breakup.

Despite everything I just told you should you still decide to have a drink, after all, you must ensure to steer clear of “drunk texting” nothing good ever comes out of it, so by getting rid of your texting capability it will at least ensure to keep you away from texting drunken emotional crap, while under the influence.

So “if your phone is in your possession the chances are you will use it to imitate Shakespeare,” you’re human after all, a drunk human.

Alcohol is a depressant, so by leaving your phone at home, you’re doing yourself a favour or just “pass it to a trusted friend with permission




As the saying goes “You are what you eat” how many times have you heard that phrase from people in fitness business? All the time, because it’s true, if you constantly put bad foods in your body they will escalate your anxiety which may give birth to depression.

So if you feel like having Micky D’s or Colonel Sanders fried chicken go have it, but whatever you do don’t keep it going for too long by turning it into a habit of pigging out on junk everyday.

You are in a difficult spot, I get it, I really do, but hey,  


I read a post earlier on called let’s talk weight loss it said:

“No matter what exercise you choose it simply won’t be enough to stop you from gaining weight if you eat pizza every day!”

If I could change one thing in the quote above to make it more obvious I would replace “Pizza” with “Junk” but understandably “Pizza” is used as a metaphor for getting the point across but either way, you now know, so its time for the next point? 


There is an obvious reason that I did not mention 30 days of no contact rule in this post. Why? That’s because enforcing a permanent no contact rule is better in my opinion and I will explain, it’s not as if you have children with your ex but if you do then you will find most points in this post rather unrealistic.

I will draft a different post called “A Survival Guide After A Breakup Involving Children” based on my own experience, so keep an eye out.

In my opinion, when there are no children involved, being friends with your ex after a break up is not just creepy but also weird, there always will be unnecessary jealousy and tension present.

Once you will move on and enter into a new chapter of your life with your new partner, as unrealistic as it may seem and sound right now but I can put all my money on that happening sooner rather than later once you successfully heal and get over this breakup.


  In my experience i

It’s about what you can learn from this experience, why did you choose that relationship in the first place? and more importantly, what’s left for you now that it has come to an end.


What do you think?

Written by Sarah

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