Air New Zealand Is Serving Coffee In Edible Biscotti Cups

Now you have an excuse for a biscuit but not until your coffee

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Ever thought about eating your “Coffee Cup” instead of tossing it in the bin after you’re finished?

Well… “Air New Zealand” has, they are trialling an edible “Biscotti Coffee Cup” successfully made by a family run business called “Twiice.”

Passengers can actually eat the vanilla-flavoured cup like a normal biscuit.

Air New Zealand Is Serving Coffee In Edible Biscotti Cups

What’s Biscotti? 

It’s an Italian twice-baked cookies. First, the dough is baked in a loaf, then it is sliced and those slices, or biscotti, are baked again. The result is a dry, crunchy oblong cookie that is ideally suited for a beverage.

Air New Zealand confirmed that the airline has been trialling the “Edible Cups” in its lounges in Auckland and on some select flights.

So What Are The Ingredients?

It’s made from wheat flour, sugar, egg, vanilla essence and natural vanilla flavour. Twiice says: “The cup is leakproof and will stay crisp for at least for the amount of time it takes to consume your coffee.”

Bear in mind that there is no “Biscuit Lid” for a coffee to make it “Spill Proof,” there may be very good reason behind it, they don’t want consumers to treat it like a regular cup, so it’s a reminder to consume it as soon as it’s conveniently possible.

If you are allergic to gluten, dairy products or nuts then you must know that “The cups contain gluten and may also contain traces of dairy, soy, tree nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds,” according to the information on Twiice’s website (link at the bottom of this article).

Air New Zealand said: “It currently serves more than eight million cups of coffee each year, and it aims to reduce waste on board with the introduction of this edible cup.”


What fantastic news! We can hope that Aer Lingus and Ryanair will soon follow suit.

The cups have been a big hit with the customers who have used them.

Twiice is working on extending its edible range of crockery and expects to roll out new products next year.

The company also mentions on its website that “a chocolate-lined cup is on the cards and so is a gluten-free version”.


What do you think of this edible coffee cup?

Are you willing to give it a try?

Please let us know.



Twiice Website:


What do you think?

Written by Sarah

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