Can Cannabis Help Fight Cancer?

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There are myriad of preclinical studies conducted lately, there is no doubt that marijuana is indeed an answer to plenty of medical conditions. In fact, cannabinoids, the active compounds in the marijuana plant even kill cancer cells in our bodies.

There are so many people who report that marijuana-based products have alleviated the affliction, or in some cases, eliminated their cancers. If you’re wondering whether or not cannabis can cure cancer or ease its symptoms, here is everything you should know about cancer and cannabis.


Thanks to an increased number of studies on cannabis and its anti-cancer properties, we have achieved some major discoveries and scientists have pinpointed four main ways weed kills cancer cells.

First of all, marijuana has antiproliferative properties, which means that the compounds found in Mary-Jane have the ability to stop the growth of dangerous cancer cells.

Moreover, this magical plant is able to prevent the metastasis of cancer cells, which is basically a migration from one organ in our body to another. This is why many people who were diagnosed with one type of cancer may end up with another one because of the malignant cells spread, and with its anti-metastatic properties, weed may be very helpful for cancer patients.

Another way marijuana kills cancer cells is thanks to its anti-angiogenic properties. Simply put, cannabis stops the tumor from developing new blood vessels, therefore it’s impossible for the disease to spread and the tumor to grow. 

Last but not least, it causes cancer cells to “self destruct” its a true pro-apoptotic, which means “it triggers the process of programmed death if the cell is damaged or aged.”


A lot of patients claim that marijuana treatment is way more beneficial for them than other types of medications. Although we are learning more by the day, therefore; studies on cannabis and cancer are limited to animals and cells, the positive results of early research on marijuana and cancer show great promise for future trials. Here is a full list of cancers that have been responding to marijuana treatment in early tests:

1. Breast Cancer

When it comes to marijuana treatment, CBD (cannabidiol) seems to be more effective against this type of cancer. It turns out that CBD may slow the growth of cancer cells and reduce tumor growth. Also, cannabidiol seems to trigger cancer cells towards self-destruction.

2. Brain Cancer 

As I mentioned before, marijuana compounds can stop the spread, growth, and migration of cancer cells. You should know that studies have proven CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) to be successful in brain cancer treatment. In fact, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) shows a great promise at prolonging life when delivered directly to the human brain.

3. Leukemia

Many preclinical studies have shown that THC may be effective when it comes to halting the growth of leukemia cells.

3. Colon Cancer

CBD shows amazing potential in treating colon cancer, as it slows the proliferation and development of cancer cells.

5. Liver, Lung & Stomach Cancer

Researchers found that a THC treatment may successfully slow the proliferation of cancer cells in the liver. Nevertheless, CBD is equally important, as it triggers apoptosis in tumor cells.

Although we still need more studies on marijuana and its influence on cancer, many patients turn to cannabis for help in various cancer symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and neuropathic pain. Whether they’re suffering from severe cancer-related symptoms or are dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy, marijuana seems to be a lifesaver for them. As for the marijuana treatment itself, keep in mind that everyone responds to weed in a different way, so it’s recommended to work with a trusted cannabis doctor before you incorporate the herb into your anti-tumor strategy.

PLEASE NOTE: Although cannabis will be legalised in Ireland in the coming years. It may take a few years for the prohibition to be fully lifted but as of now, it remains an illegal substance and classed as a narcotic.


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Written by pollypringles

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