So, you thought clicking that leprechaun sitting on a pot of gold will land you at some strange place, it sure did, although you don’t yet realise it, but hang tight, keep your eyes glued to the screen and keep on reading.

#Are we looking for money?

Hell, no!

It’s the exact opposite of that, we’re giving away money towards a great cause. does not support charities with CEO’s making €150K a year off those who choose to donate to them, that’s €12,500 a month or €3,125 a week, with most people earning less than that as their monthly salary.

How much do you think they contribute towards their charity with their own €3,125 weekly pay? You decide.

We, however, have come up with a different approach, that is if you follow us on Instagram or Twitter or like our Facebook page, for each user like we will contribute €3.00 towards “Mental Health” and that will help towards promoting mental health and wellbeing by supporting people who experience mental health difficulties.

#So what’s the catch?

Simply put, “there’s none!” you like us and we’ll contribute towards a cause as a thank you note from us. We’d rather spend money on good cause than advertisements, we call it “green advertising,” (although it’s more of a concept because we just made it up, lets see if it works)

#What if you like Our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook?

Great, we Thank you in advance. However, we will contribute €3.00 for each user, which means if you like one or all three we will still contribute €3.00 towards the “Mental Health.”

#Let’s get on-board!

Alright, you know it, we know it, you are a curious type, unlike the rest, otherwise you wouldn’t end up here on this strange page requesting you to do this. Are you ready for this?

All you have to do is copy the unique code from below, then like or follow any of our pages such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (you can like all three if you’re feeling generous at this very moment) and then simply send us this code in your chat/message of your chosen social media page(s), we will take care of the rest.

Your 12 Digit Code is: 881318948340


#Our Social Media Outlets are: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Tumblr: Pinterest: MySpace:


Members who found us already:

You can see a list of our curious readers who stumbled up this page before you, these are definitely a bunch of curious individuals just like yourself, Nevertheless, they made us donate towards the cause, these are also very caring individuals.  

Here is the full list


Please Note: We look forward to seeing you there, this only applies to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. All contributions are made on a bi-weekly basis and we will mention your full name on our curious member’s page, which can only be accessed through this page.

However, if you wish to remain anonymous by not adding the link to your social profile then you must let us know in the same message.