Let’s Talk Weight Loss!

You can lose weight and keep it off…

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Most people out there believe the answer to their weight loss is locked away in their local GYM and that the personal trainer holds the key to their perfect physique. And they are right to a certain degree.

No doubt, exercise does matter but only to a certain degree and I would personally say if I have to score it out of 100% in terms of its importance “I would give exercise to lose weight no more than 20 to 25% attention and importance.” and I will explain why.

This is one of the most asked questions on the internet today with so many phrases pretty much asking for the same thing! 

  • What’s the best exercise to get rid of my belly fat? How can I get rid of my love handles?
  • How to lose a stone in 30 days?
  • How can I have a perfect beach body?
  • How can I tone up for summer?
  • How can I keep the weight off me? 

So on and so on… They all have one question in common and that is “How do I lose weight and keep it off?” Are you ready?

I have a three word answer and it’s… “Nutrition, Exercise & Rest!”

Let's Talk Weight Loss!

The truth of the matter is the vast majority of people are still inclined towards exercising rather than changing their diet as to what they put in their bodies.

One of the most common beliefs of people who don’t put an emphasis on nutrition is that they can work it off in the GYM while running or doing an exercise. 

When you do the math then you figure out the truth, one hour of running on a treadmill burns a small slice of dominos cheese pizza, yes that’s right!

A simple white hot chocolate from Starbucks can set you back 420 calories, try burning them on a treadmill, another hour of hard work.

The answer to your weight loss lies in your diet (the food that you are putting in your body) 

I am 48 and have worked in a fitness business since I was 23.

Back then Ireland was a very different place, only people with money could afford such luxuries while others pigged out on sausage rolls and other junk. 

I witnessed it back then and I still witness it now, both “men and women regardless of their age doing painstaking cardio and signing up to Aqua Aerobics, Zumba, Bums-legs & tums, BodyPump, Yoga, Hatha, Plates, Spin Cycle classes and yet their bodies barely change,” as a matter of fact in many cases they get worse.

When you put your body through a hard work-out regime it demands more food, making you hungrier than usual which is completely normal but if you haven’t learned how to eat properly you will never be able to successfully sustain your dream physique, that’s if you manage to achieve it in the first place. 

No matter what exercise you choose it simply won’t be enough to stop you from gaining weight if you eat pizza everyday!

NOTE: In no way, I am saying that you don’t need exercise to tone up, all exercises offer a vast variety of benefits, but what I am saying is exercising without changing your diet will leave you struggling and at a loss. Just like that on the flip side by adding exercise and basically starving yourself weight loss will be attained, but at a very hefty price, and that is not sustainable, to say the least eventually you will come down crashing and when you do you will end up heavier than what you were when you started.

Here I am 25 years later, telling you all about it, while most of you are still doing the same things to lose weight.

Here is how you should put emphasis on your weight loss/workout chart.

Food/Nutrition/Diet = 50%

Exercise = 25% 

Rest/Sleep = 25%

Your rest/sleep should be synced accordingly to your exercise/workout regime.

By starving yourself, cutting calories, not eating your favourite foods, exercise like crazy without proper rest and sleep, popping diet pills and seeking quick fixes to your permanent weight problems simply won’t work.

Until you realise that the secret (which isn’t a secret anymore) is learning how to ignite your own body’s ability to burn fat efficiently, how you can eat the right diet and lose weight by burning fat while feeding you muscles, you will find yourself in an infinite loop of losing weight and putting it all back on.



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Written by Sarah

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