To My Useless Husband!

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My name is [Name Removed] I feel ashamed while writing this but my husband has been depressed for a while now. He says that he is struggling to find a job that he likes to go to every day, although I argue with his statement because I see him sitting home all day. I believe he has fallen into a daily rut that is pretty toxic, to say the least. He has stopped exercising, instead, he is drunk almost all the time he is up and since its Xmas time the offers are all over the place which allows him to buy even more drink.

Not only has he become very frustrating to deal with but I feel as if I am living with an emotional teenage roommate or even a child at times. I am sick of cleaning up after him and its a constant struggle trying to get him to do the chores around the house, over a month ago, a bulb in our hallway went and I have been asking him to replace it since, I bought a replacement bulb after asking him to get one for over a week and it now sits there while he is busy drinking and watching Netflix all day every day.

On top of it all, we are fighting on an almost daily basis and I am really struggling to remember the good parts of our relationship. I know that we committed to being together through thick and thin, but it’s so bloody tough. I feel like I do not know who I am living with anymore because this is not the person that I married three years ago.

This person that he turned himself into is completely toxic to be around, at times when he is not blaming me or others (which is rare) he is completely ignoring me. I am tired of his outlook on life along with a sullen attitude.

Can you help? I searched your website looking for advice on beak up, can you suggest how long is long enough to say that I tried?

How long am I suppose to hold on in this never-ending situation before I can say that I have done enough?

When do you think enough is enough?


[Name Removed]


What do you think?

Written by Sarah

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