Nobody Wants to See This on Your Dating Profile!

These don’t look good, regardless of your gender…

Online dating is easier than most people think — if only you pay enough attention to the details.

If you’re not attracting the kinds of matches you want, it might be because you’re making a few basic profile mistakes.

While what each person seeks when it comes to dating varies, there are a few things that don’t look good on anyone’s profile, regardless of who they are:

#1. Too Many Group Photos!

Nobody Wants to See This on Your Dating Profile! 1

Some people do like to see one or two group pictures on a potential match’s profile because it implies they’re not a loner.

They have friends, hobbies, and hopefully “life” despite the fact that they’re single.

But you should limit your group pictures to one or two, and always make sure you have enough solo pics so your potential match knows who you are.

Your potential match doesn’t want to play “who’s Waldo?” with your profile pictures. They want to know who you are, and they especially don’t want to notice how many good-looking friends you have.

If you have spectacularly good-looking friends, make sure posting a picture with them won’t make you look like a “consolation prize”.

You don’t want your potential match wondering if you can introduce him or her to your friends.

Be careful with pictures with friends of the opposite sex as well.

No girl wants to look at you next to a dashing woman and wonder if she’s your ex-girlfriend or your sister.

No guy wants to look at a picture of you and a handsome man and wonder if he even compares.

Bottom line: Avoid guessing games and comparisons.

#2. Sunglasses & Corona Masks 

Nobody Wants to See This on Your Dating Profile! 2

I’m sure you look hot in sunglasses (most people do), but a potential match is interested in seeing your face & eyes.

More experienced online daters will avoid matching with you unless they can see your face.

If all you post are pictures wearing “sunglasses” or “corona mask” that covers your face, you’re unlikely to attract a lot of matches in the first place, or you’ll attract someone inexperienced and nonserious individuals AKA time-wasters who don’t even know what they want.

If you have a killer photo wearing sunglasses, use it, but make sure there’s a picture of your face available as well.

#3. Negativity

Nobody Wants to See This on Your Dating Profile! 3

Some online Irish dating profiles read like this:

  • Like spiders? you’re not my type.
  • Not looking for a man with hands softer than mine.
  • Only swipe right if your teeth a real.
  • Interested in a normal relationship only.
  • Not into gym freaks

What these sentences all have in common is the negative energy they promote. They hint of someone who’s been through a lot and is hurt more than they are hopeful and that’s no good way to approach dating.

Anything that hints of resentment is not a great idea for an online dating profile.

Negativity doesn’t attract great things, so avoid it at all costs.

#4. Demands

Nobody Wants to See This on Your Dating Profile! 4

The most fun, well-rounded people out there are not looking to overcome a long list of demands just to get a chance to meet you.

Demands on Irish dating profiles look like this:

  • Must have your own place
  • Must have a stable job
  • Must have a beard
  • Must be clean-shaven

And so on…

Demanding things right from the beginning, before you’ve even matched with anyone scares more people away than attracts.

If you’d like to attract someone lighthearted and fun, don’t be negative and demanding.

#5. Do This Instead…

Nobody Wants to See This on Your Dating Profile! 5

Make sure your profile ticks a few boxes:

When in doubt, focus on being positive so that you attract mostly positive people. Good luck!

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Written by Sarah

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