This Is How Cannabis Affects Your Relationship

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As the legalisation of cannabis continues around the world, our government in Ireland still refuses to budge despite all the studies that are being conducted and released showing their seemingly endless list of positive effects.

According to my own personal yet practical research shows that weed can also positively affect our relationships. So, for those of you looking to spice things up inside or outside their bedroom, grab your lighter. Here’s what a weed joint can do for you:


It’s safe to assume that we’re all busy in our lives. (After all, Netflix only spares us 30 seconds between episodes, which isn’t much to focus elsewhere.) So our time spent with our significant other isn’t always like a Madison Faye’s novel. Turns out, a weed joint can help with that. Researchers recently discovered if you share a joint with your partner the chance of intimacy increases significantly. Oh Yes! “intimacy” referred to sex in most cases, but it also referred to an interaction or meaningful conversation involving love, passion, support, intimacy, or just being caring, even if only one of you smoke a joint.

Let’s say, if you are like me who has a tendency to bring my work stress home (if not all the stress in general), weed has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, thanks in part to the activation of our body’s endocannabinoid system. This allows us to make room for deeper, more open-minded communication, which can often lead to my next point….


If you’re still reading this (and not running experiments of your own), I want you to know this:

A study out of Stanford University found that regular cannabis users have more sex than non-cannabis users, regardless of health, demographic, marital or parental status.

While the study (link at the bottom of this page) ultimately did not establish a causal connection between cannabis and sex, it did show a “positive correlation” between the frequency of sex and the frequency of marijuana use.

Another great news, cannabis has also been linked to enhancing sex by making it more pleasurable for women as 62% of all the women surveyed by St. Louis University (link at the bottom of this page) who used cannabis prior to sex reported an increased sex drive and better orgasms. YES, yet another reason to roll one up.


As the saying goes “couples who play together stay together” maybe you’ve experienced it by seeing it from your own eyes, that fit couples at your gym working out while complementing one another, maybe you’ve watched those youtube videos or seen it in Instagram stories about those traveling couples posting photos from the new destinations around the world every other week, the Research shows:

Cohabiting couples who have similar drinking habits tend to be happier than couples where only one partner drinks alcohol.

The same can hold true for the weed, but with an extra bonus, it’s not only a hobby in and of itself, but it also makes other activities more enjoyable (as we discussed above, *Sex*).

It would’ve been easier to make it a part of your date night if it was legal in Ireland, but I wouldn’t suggest you waiting until it is. There’s plenty to explore and learn together, why not book yourself a trip to Amsterdam?


  • By activating our endocannabinoid system, anxiety is relieved which can allow for more intimate experiences
  • Researchers found a positive correlation between the frequency of sex and the frequency of marijuana use
  • Smoking marijuana before sex can lead to better orgasms.
  • Cannabis smoking can self create new hobbies and experiences you can engage in together.

Basically, in other words, weed can lead to a more robust relationship between you and your spouse, So go ahead, roll it, put it in your mouth and light it up.

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DISCLAIMER: Although cannabis is widely available in Ireland (depending on who you know) Smoking cannabis in Ireland is still considered illegal while driving under its influence is highly illegal and frowned upon and is a definite no-no.


Study Published By Stanford Medicine News Centre: 

Study Published By Saint Louis University:



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Written by pollypringles

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